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Membership Overview
  • NATEA has over 2200 members in the United States, Canada and Taiwan, mostly in Silicon Valley, California. The Silicon Valley Chapter has over 1200 members. The NATEA members are composed of engineers, scientists and other technical-related professionals in a variety of fields ranging from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Semi-Conductor, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology, Telecommunication to Nanotechnology MEMS. The NATEA members are top-notch professionals in their respective fields and are active in their community services. Furthermore, NATEA is a not-for-profit tax deductible organization affiliated with many professional and alumni organizations, such as IEEE, ITRI and the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC), Silicon Valley, CA.
Local Chapter
Silicon Valley
Active NATEA-SV member benefits:
  • Access and download online presentation files from past events
  • Access online membership directory
  • Receive discounts toward future NATEA events
  • Participate in online voting
  • Update personal information online
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Lifetime Membership
Lifetime for Renewal Membership

*All members paid at least once in the past, despite their current membership status, are considered renewals. (except of course those who are already lifetime members.)

The membership status (except lifetime member) becomes active once both the membership application is done and the payment is verified. The payment verification process usually will take 24 hours (except for mail-in checks). When the membership is verified, the member's login and his/her benefits will become effective immediately.

For online payment, NATEA-SV accepts PAYPAL. (

NATEA-SV (Silicon Valley) contact information:
P. O. Box 2772
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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