Technologies centered on digital contents and their delivery systems have now become main foci of the "Second Digital Wave”. This next wave of high tech evolution has driven the computer and semiconductor industry into a transition from a PC centric to a Digital Consumer centric industry.

The conference will address:

  • Digital content creation
  • Digital content compression
  • Digital content distribution/delivery
  • Digital right management and security
  • Display technologies
  • Digital home
  • Digital media and software industry

US Speakers:

  • Mr. Richard Clarke, Chairman, Good Harbor Consulting; former White House Security Adviser
  • Ms. Martha Nalebuff, Director of Policy and Strategy, Microsoft
  • Dr. Wen-Hsiung Chen, Fellow, Cisco Systems; IEEE Fellow; the inventor of Chen's Algorithm for fast DCT
  • Dr. Nam Ling, Associate Dean, Santa Clara University; IEEE Distinguished Lecturer
  • Dr. Tsuhan Chen, Professor, ECE, Carnegie-Mellon University; Director of the ITRI Lab at CMU
  • Dr. David Chung, Senior Display Manager, Intel Corporation
  • Ms. Ann Winblad, Founding Partner, Hummer Winblad Venture
  • Mr. Bob Cochran, Attorney, The Law Office of Robert D. Cochran
  • Mr. PJ McNeely, Senior Analyst, American Technology Research
  • Mr. Irwin Chen, CTO, Cinimation
  • Mr. David Traub, VP of Business Development, Screen Media Technology
Taiwan Delegation Speakers:
  • Dr. Ferng-Ching Lin, Minister of State in charge of Science and Technology Policy of Taiwan
  • Dr. GJ Huang, Executive Vice President, Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan
  • Dr. Han-Ping D. Shieh, Director and AU Optronics Chair Professor, Display Institute, National Chiao Tung University
  • Dr. Chuang-Chuang Tsai, Senior VP, Quanta Display
  • Ms. Hui-Ling Liu, Director, Networks and Multimedia, Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan

Engineers, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and venture capitalists, who are interested in digital content creation, delivery, and display technology, will benefit from this comprehensive program of technology and business trends in the new digital world.

This US Taiwan High-Tech Forum is also staged to provide an exchange and networking opportunity for the Silicon Valley technical/business leaders and Taiwanese delegation; and to promote collaboration between technology communities of Taiwan and Silicon Valley.

This is a great opportunity for you to share your comments and suggestions on the issues not covered in this program with others. Please send your comments to:

      Shinn-Horng Lee, Conference Chair,
      Yen-Kuang Chen, Program Chair,
      Tom Chang, Program co-Chair,
      Jessy Hsu, Program co-Chair,

Presented By:
     North America Taiwanese Engineers’ Association (NATEA)
     Science and Technology Division/TECO in S.F.

Co-sponsored by
     III, Monte Jade, TAITA-SV

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